With our first major viral video of the year, comes our first internet celebrity of 2016. This woman becomes an internet star after apartment fire ... Michelle Dobyne has become the latest internet sensation, after giving a hilarious eyewitness account of an apartment fire in Tulsa, Oklahoma: "My friend came to the door — she said — I was on the phone, cooking me and my babies some breakfast. And she said, “Hey, something wrong. It’s popping!” I said “WHAT?” She said “Yeah!” I said, “Naw!” So the girl come downstairs, she come out of her apartment with her baby with no shoes on. I said, “Aw, girl, it’s cold outside.” She said, “Something ain’t right!” I said, “Aw, man!” She said, “AW MAN. THE BUILDING IS ON FIRE.” I said, “Naw, what?” I got my three kids and we bounced out. Uh uh. We ain’t gonna be in no fire, NOT TODAY!" Watch this.

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