A local Bozeman footwear company has released a new short film that tells the story of a Montana Ranch Family that's making a huge difference in the state. the film also highlights the importance of supporting local Montana farmers and ranchers.

Jason Wickens lives in Bozeman, Montana. He owns Live From the Divide, an intimate concert venue on the north side of town. When Wickens isn't booking shows in Bozeman, he's spending time on his family's cattle ranch in Winifred, Montana.

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With fears of the COVID-19 pandemic potentially shutting down the live music industry in 2020, Jason decided to start a business with his brothers, Eric and Matt. The Wickens brothers are 4th generation Montana ranchers. The ranch was homesteaded in 1911 by their great-grandfather, John.

In a state that has more cows than people, why do we buy beef from Nebraska?

They asked themselves.

That's when the idea for Wickens Ranch Beef was born. All of the cattle are born and raised in Montana, fed with peas/barley grown in Montana, processed in Montana, and delivered to Montanans. The Wickens family thinks it's important to support local Montana farmers and ranchers who choose sustainability and stewardship, and that people know exactly what they're buying and where it came from.

Wickens Ranch is dedicated to creating a better tomorrow — for our family and yours, our fellow farmers and ranchers, for the cattle we raise, and for the landscape itself.

Oboz Footwear created a short film titled "The Trail Back" that tells the story of the Wickens family and how they're making a difference using holistic and sustainable ranching practices.

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