The beauty of being a minor league baseball team is that you're not held to the same set of strict rules that big-league teams are. That's why so many minor league teams mix over-the-top promotions and events into their seasons. And since we're on the subject of promotional nights, don't forget that the Missoula PaddleHeads will have fireworks after the game on Friday night. With nothing planned at the mall this year, it'll serve as the biggest fireworks display in Missoula over the 4th of July weekend.

Let's get back to the wacky promotional ideas!

A press release from the Pioneer League yesterday had details about a comedian that has "signed" with the PaddleHeads. Joe List is the comedian and he's also a pretty huge baseball fan. He actually co-hosts The PBL Roundup Show every week with a focus on the Pioneer Baseball League, the same league in which the PaddleHeads compete. List isn't just some open mic comic either, he's appeared on late-night shows with Letterman and Conan, was a finalist on Last Comic Standing, and has released a couple of comedy albums.

Why in the world would he be joining the PaddleHeads?

It seems like the whole publicity stunt centers around the fact that List stars in an upcoming film that was co-written and directed by Louis C.K. called Fourth of July. The name of the movie seems to be where the tie-in with the PaddleHeads comes into play. With the 4th of July coming up, and the film sharing the same name as the holiday, it would seem to be the perfect time to do a little marketing. Although, List's big appearance is scheduled for July 5.

The press release says Joe List will make his professional debut as the PaddleHeads take on the Glacier Range Riders. They'll record his appearance and use the content as part of The PBL Roundup Show that airs the following night on the

It'll be interesting to see what they have in mind with the game next week. There's already some fun being had with the announcement as the press release has PaddleHeads' manager Michael Schlact saying "we'll see how he does in BP" when asked for thoughts about List getting some playing time on Tuesday.

The tongue-in-cheek details also include:

List’s contract details were not publicly released but sources say it’s likely to be a long-term agreement for multiple hours and thought to be less than the no-salary designated comedian slot paid by the New York Yankees’ in 2008 for Billy Crystal’s one-day spring training contract.

It should be an interesting night at the ballpark when Joe List joins the PaddleHeads on Tuesday. The only bummer is that it's a road game and we won't be able to be part of the fun at Ogren Park. You can see the complete press release below. 

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