When I'm left alone and unsupervised on the weekend you can pretty much guarantee I'm going out to eat breakfast instead of making something at home.  That was the story yesterday when I enticed my four-year-old with chocolate chip pancakes and headed off to IHOP.

We got a booth and as I looked around I saw the couple sitting across the aisle from us.  I glanced over at them again when their food was delivered to the table.  After they finished eating they got up and went on their merry way.  We didn't share a "howdy", a smile, a head nod or anything.

When the waitress made her next stop at our table she informed me that the couple had already paid for our meal when they were paying their bill.

It was definitely a surprise since my daughter and I didn't have any interaction with them before they headed out.  But even at four-years-old it made an impact.  It was the first thing she wanted to tell my wife when we got home.

So.......the sole purpose of this blog is to thank the strangers that paid for our meal yesterday morning.  A huge THANK YOU for your generosity toward a couple strangers out for a daddy/daughter breakfast.  It made our day and we'll pay it forward!

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