Taylor Swift: the next Pam Beesly (Halpert)? The singer’s latest behind-the-scenes clip from her ‘Ours’ video, seen below, is actually a mini episode of ‘The Office’ — with a fresh new set of workers who could fit right in with the original cast.

From the camera work to the slightly offbeat characters, the clip mimics the hit TV show. While there’s no Toby, Dwight or Jim, there’s the lonely mail room worker who carries a banana around with him, the overconfident head of IT who believes he “makes all the stuff work,” and the immature son of the company’s boss who has a crush on Swift’s character. Oh, and there’s that guy who’s the head of receiving. (“Receive what? I don’t know. You know, hey. I do what I can.”)

Meanwhile, Swift’s office mates see her as the slacker/sweater girl — “part scarecrow, part sweater, all blonde” — who makes paper clip chains to amuse herself and “uses a lot of company time doing inappropriate things on the internet.” You know, like watching cat videos all day.

If it wasn’t known that this video was a part of her 13-part making of ‘Ours’ series, we’d be hoping this was a preview for a full episode.

Watch Taylor Swift’s ‘The Office’ Parody

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