The Flagship program, like many non-profits is struggling. They have had to curtail programs at several schools in Missoula due to lack of funds. Flagship offers some very important opportunities to kids after school. Their motto is; “because after school shouldn’t be an afterthought.” That really does say it all. It gives kids of all ages something to do after the last bell of the day rings. Flagship covers ages all the way from elementary school kids into high school. The kids get to do fun things, they get to hang out with their friends and they have something to do to keep them out of trouble.

That’s why it’s so important that you attend the 5th Annual Chocolate Extravaganza tonight at MCT.  There will be all kinds of chocolate decadence for you to sample, fine wine to sip and great conversation. It’s a major  fundraiser for Flagship, tickets are just $30. I’ve baked some cookies for this event. Make sure you try the Bittersweet/Espresso cookies. They’re very good. They’re very dark chocolate, sprinkled very lightly with sugar crystals and topped with a coffee bean.