Lots of Pics From the Southgate Mall Car Club Expo
It was a beautiful weekend in Western Montana so I didn't want to stay inside for too long, but I did want to check out all the cars on display at the Car Club Expo. I stopped by on Saturday morning and was shocked at how many amazing cars were on display...
Massive Airbag Recall
Federal regulators are ordering Japanese airbag manufacturer Takata to expand its recall to 34-million vehicles. The recall is due to defective airbags that could explode if deployed.
Strange License Plates
I recently got a new-to-me car. Yes, I know it’s very exciting. No more Cheerios all over the floor or fruit snack wrappers strewn about. No more gum stuck to seats or that boys’ locker room smell. It’s heavenly.
How Does This Contraption Work?
A Greek car repair shop owner has discovered a lucrative sideline - modifying cars into agricultural machinery for farmers. More than a million cars had been abandoned by their owners unable to sell them and unable to afford to keep them on the road in the cash-strapped country...

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