Trunk Monkey? Yes, Thank You
Since we all live in Montana, most of us drive our own vehicles instead of using public transit. It could be because we live a good ways out of town, or because we don’t enjoy riding bikes in Montana’s long winter months. No matter what you drive, or the reason you dr…
Dogs Love to RIde
Dogs are an accessory in Missoula. You can’t turn around without seeing people walking with them, riding bikes with them and hauling them around in the trucks and cars. An enterprising photographer, L. J. Regan came up with the idea of taking pictures of dogs riding around in cars...
Car Collectors Could Find a Classic
Car collectors have taken notice of a sale coming up this fall in Nebraska. The small town of Pierce was home to Lambrecht Motors. Ray and Mildred Lambrecht ran the place for 50 years and had just one employee. They’re retired now and they’re selling off the entire in…
B-Day Drive in Dad's Ferrari
A man in southern India is facing charges for letting his young son drive his Ferrari. Mohammed Nisham let the boy drive the car two weeks ago on his 9th birthday, and the five-year-old brother was in the passenger seat. The children's mom filmed the drive and it went viral on YouTube...
Don’t Touch That! Why?
Manufacturers have included technology into the vehicle to be used by the driver and passengers. In some cases all the gizmos have overwhelmed owners.
Rollin’ Down The Road
I just completed a flying road trip to SD and back,covered about 3000 miles in four and a half days. No we did not exceed the speed limit.

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