Montanans are beautiful people. Y'all are the best-looking crowd I've ever seen, but I'm sorry, most of you aren't supermodel material. And by most, I mean 98-99% of you are not supermodel material.

Don't take offense to it because I'm not either. It's tough to be a supermodel when you're:

  • Not in shape
  • 5'10 (as a guy)
  • Mostly water-weight
  • In sweatpants and a crewneck with your nerdy glasses on 90% of the time


Don't feel too down if you're not as appealing as Kate Upton, Channing Tatum or Steve Buscemi. Or the lady falling in love with a Montana boy: Kristin Cavallari

The supermodel/actress/overall beautiful person posted pictures from what appeared to be a vacation in Montana and Yellowstone National Park. Cavallari has her Montana ties as well. She is dating a dude from Montana and a part of a TikTok group known as the "Montana Boyz."

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In case you couldn't tell from the article headline, I'm not a big Montana Boyz groupie... but more power to him. 

Cavallari spent some quality time with her boyfriend Mark Estes. Her Instagram post has no location tags, so I can't tell where these images were taken other than the ones at Yellowstone National Park. Are the lake pictures the Flathead? I'm not that observant to pick up on where it is, but she captioned the post with "MT with him."

Half of you reading this are going "Awww, how sweet is that?"

The other half is saying "Get out of Montana. We don't need more publicity."

To each their own, I say.

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