Have you heard of the Montana Boyz? I hadn't heard of them before today, but let me give you the rundown on 'dem Montana Boyz.

The Boyz are a TikTok group who record themselves lip-syncing country music songs. It is... something. As a dude myself, I will say that I am jealous of their looks. It's a group of dudes who were blessed with robust genes. Mad jealousy.

Here's a sneak peek of what they bring to the table.


@montana.boyz We’re fired up! #fyp #montanaboyz #foryou ♬ One Number Away - Luke Combs

There's a lot more where that came from if you'd like to dive deep into the Montana Boyz talents, but I'll go ahead and pass. Despite my jealousy of their looks and how many women show up in their comments saying stuff like "I think I'll add Montana to my vacation list" or "I just wanna love all of them I have enough love to give out," these are cringe.

If this is your kind of content more power to you, but to me it's a mystery how these guys gathered over 760 thousand subscribers. The "Montana" Boyz look like Los Angeles Boyz cosplaying as Montana Boyz. It looks like all they do is lip sync, and they repeat the song Number Away by Luke Combs a lot. Eesh...

Credit where credit is due, they are legitimately Montana boys. One of them, Mark Estes, is dating model and actress Kristin Cavallari.

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An Us Magazine article validates they all are from Montana, but now reside in Nashville. That makes sense. They look much more like Nashville than Montana.

Maybe I'm being a hater because of how objectively beautiful those dudes are, but goodness gracious I can't watch another one of those TikToks. The cringe might literally kill me.

ENews posted to Instagram "Who are the Montana Boyz? Meet the group going viral on TikTok."  I felt vindicated reading some of the comments.

"Nah I'm Good" - Madison

"No thanks...... i cringe everytime I see them on tiktok lip sycing all serious" -szara

"Men who act like they are country while performing underwhelming karaoke stunts" -appalachianscribble



Good luck to them. I will no longer hate on them.

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