Being in Montana is great and being able to hunt is one of the cool hobbies and ways of life we have to offer. Turkey hunting is in full swing.

Thanks to my friend Matt I was able to go out and turkey hunt today. I was in Florida when the season kicked off. The morning started off with a few hiccups but we had a good 4 hours or so being outdoors.

We hiked and rode the side-by-side. We got into where a bunch of feathers were and saw signs of turkeys but no luck on catching them out. After hiking up the side of the mountain we decided to get in a motorized ride and head out. Wasn't long and we spotted a nice Tom, as we parked and got out and waited for him unfortunately he decided to get on the move and after chasing him for a while realized he probably went up this steep route up. That's what it is all about though. It rained and hailed a bit so the birds may have been bedded down.

I am going back again soon

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