We have all heard horror stories or lived them about hotel rooms and being dirty. Many people travel during the summer and stay in hotels/motels. So what are the things you should avoid or possibly check for dirt?

According to Glamour here is a list of some of the dirty things in a hotel room.

1. Pillowcases. I guess much like the comforter the pillowcases are rarely changed... not always feasible to bring your own but maybe asking for a clean one?

2. TV remote. Glamour brought up a good  point: "If you forget about cleaning your own remote at home, well, the hotel's maids probably do too."

3. Comforter. Top layers aren't cleaned nearly as often as sheets... so maybe toss that aside and use the extra blanket in the closet.

4. Glasses and mugs. Two gross situations could be happening here. Housekeeping staff could rinse and dry cups without actually washing them, or they could disinfect with a solution marked with a "do not drink" label.

5. Phone. Similar to the remote, the telephone can be skipped while cleaning for a long time. To the naked eye it looks clean but it can be multiple times more dirty than it should be. Disinfecting wipes are great in this instance! Use one before using the phone in a hotel room.


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