Two men were arrested Monday night, August 1, after police were called out to the scene of a car crash at the intersection of South 14th Street and Russell. According to Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh, police found one of the vehicles abandoned.

"The occupants of one of the vehicles had actually left the scene prior to their arrival," Welsh said. "They soon discovered a possible reason why, when the car that they had occupied had been reported stolen in Billings, they eventually found one of the male occupants at a nearby casino."

The man in the casino was identified as 22-year-old Kenneth Colbert, who initially lied about his identity and was found to have warrants out for his arrest. A Sheriff’s deputy later picked up another occupant of the stolen car.

Photo courtesy of Missoula Jail
Photo courtesy of Missoula Jail

"The second male was eventually located as well, when a Sheriff's Deputy attempted to stop and speak with a male walking down the street near south avenue and the male actually ran from him," Welsh said. "There was a foot chase, a brief one, and the male was apprehended and identified as John Tucker, who is 18 years of age."

Tucker was charged with Theft, and with Obstructing a Peace Officer, after his attempt to run away.  Welsh says police are also looking for two women who were in the stolen vehicle, but fled after the crash on Russell.

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