No seriously.

You read the article title correctly. An elephant was literally running loose in Butte, America today. I came across pictures on Reddit and asked myself "Is that real? Is that an A.I. photo? Am I being hoodwinked here?"

Somehow this is a real-life story. KXLF TV out of Butte confirmed it today. There's even a video attached to the article.


Even though there are pictures on Reddit and a video posted by a reputable news outlet it still seems dang near impossible to believe that an elephant was free in Butte today. By the sounds of the article, it appears that the elephant was contained.

A Redditor took to Butte and Montana's Reddit pages to share pictures of an elephant roaming on a busy street. KXLF said in its article it was on Harrison Avenue.

NSFW Warning: The user uses colorful, vulgar language in the post. 


I hate the circus
byu/SodaPopinski406 inButte

Butte, Montana, of all places, has a freaking elephant roaming around town. It might be the least likely city on the face of the planet to have an elephant loose.

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The ironic part is in the link directly above, our own Chris Wolfe wrote about the circus in Stevensville later this year, and how Missoula has an ordinance put in place that bans any exotic animals from entering city limits. After today Butte may look into its own ordinance.

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Anyway, I will now pinch myself because I'm stuck in a dream where elephants are loose in Montana.

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