Now that it turns out that Montana state revenue forecasts weren’t as dire as predicted, money is beginning to be poured into some of the services that were cut during the special legislative session. Office of Public Instruction spokesman Dylan Klapmeier says that K-12 education will be receiving a sizeable amount.

"The proportion of that funding roll back that is going to go to Montana K-12 education is about $1.1 million," Klapmeier said. "Unfortunately school districts are not going to see a large roll back in their GTB, their guaranteed tax base, but we do have a little over a million dollars going in to some specific programs."

Klapmeier explains which programs will be getting the funds.

"We have $510,000 which will be going back to high school career and technical education programs, which is a pretty large amount for those programs," Klapmeier said. "Our special education programs are equally important. Superintendent Arntzen has decided to award $217,000 in grants to Montana's Special Education Cooperative."

The remaining amount, a little under $414,000 will be used to provide targeted support services to local schools. The amount being redirected to K-12 education at this point is not the full amount that was cut. For example, Klapmeier says $500,000 only represents about 25 percent of the total that was cut in Career and Technical Education programs.

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