Eric Seagrave is learning to live with the disappointment of a western Montana spring. As Aquatics Supervisor for Missoula Parks and Recreation, Seagrave had to make the call to keep the doors to Splash Montana closed again this weekend.

"I'm learning to live with the disappointment that over the past seven seasons, we've only been able to open twice at this time of year," Seagrave said. "With 65 to 70 degree weather, the turnout is limited, and we're not able to pay for the operations during the day."

Many Missoulians are surprised to learn that the water in the Splash Montana pools is heated all summer long.

"The chief way we are able to save resources and our budget is that we don't heat the pools through the weekend when we kn ow we're going to be closed," Seagrave said. "That's our biggest expense is heating the water, and when we know we won't be open, we're going to save the city hundreds and perhaps thousands of dollars by not heating that water."

Seagrave said heating the water is something northern states in Montana must do all summer.

"I know in the lower states they won't heat, and the water will be cool in the spring and warmer in the summer," Seagrave said. "But, here in Montana, you've got to keep your heaters running pretty much all summer just because the nights get so cool, and because of the arid conditions in which evaporation makes everything cool down"

Seagrave said they hope to open Splash Montana by June 8... weather permitting. He also said that the Currents indoor water park is open for family recreation.

Aquatics Supervisor Eric Seagrave


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