Wow! It's unbelievable how fast life goes. It seems like ever since I graduated high school in 2004 that life has sped up. It feels even more like that because one of my best buddies growing up became a dad yesterday afternoon. And even better news that his lovely wife Lauren and their beautiful boy Brooks Steven Brown are both happy and healthy.

Growing up, I know that when I heard adults say they were 30 it seemed like that was old. Although when I wake up each morning I don't feel old. I think about my friends and we are no longer about drinking and partying, we are all building careers, buying homes, and creating families. And it all seems to have happened in the blink of an eye.

I guess last night when I found out the good news, it just made me realize again that you have to enjoy every day of your life because it goes so fast. I'm sure for my friends Cody & Lauren life is going to speed up drastically now that they are parents but they are amazing people and will be even better parents.


    Beautiful Big Sky View of Missoula!

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