The seasonal closures of campgrounds on the Bitterroot National have started. Many campgrounds remain open until snowpack closes them. (Some temporary closures might have happened because of the early snowstorm last weekend.) On the Stevensville Ranger District, the Charles Water Campground at Bass Creek is open through October.
Closed campgrounds as of Oct 1:
On the Darby/Sula Ranger District:

  • Lower Como Campground, Three Frogs Campground at Como.
  • Spring Gulch Campground.
  • Indian Trees Campground.
  • McCart Lookout.
  • On the West Fork Ranger District:

  • Slate Creak Campground Front Loop Open - Back Loop closed.
  • Most other campgrounds are open until closed by snow. Remember, no water or garbage services are happening there during the winter, so Pack It In, Pack It Out. With the unpredictable weather this fall, you might want to check with Bitterroot National Forest Ranger Stations at Darby, Stevensville, West Fork and Hamilton before heading out. If you're out there in the woods and start a warming fire, MAKE SURE to put it out before you leave the campsite. Smokey Bear will thank you.

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