I'm not going to lie - just writing the details about winning an Outback gift card has my mouth watering a bit.  And truth be told, we did Outback for dinner about a week ago.  I'm all about the Bloomin' Onion and the dipping sauce that comes with it.  If there was an IV system that would deliver that sauce straight to your system, I might opt in.

And there's some big news at Outback.  They just posted on their Facebook page that steak & lobster is now available starting at $15.99.

We'll make it simple for you to get your fill of deliciousness this week.  Listen to Smith & Nelson every morning to win a $20 Outback gift card.  Check out steak & lobster or any other amazing creation on the menu.

Visit the Missoula Outback at 2415 N. Reserve.

Check out the Outback website and place an order HERE.

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