If you enjoy a delicious Elk Roast, you have to join in on the fun the Saturday for the 68th annual Philipsburg Fire Department Elk feed. It is one of the oldest dining traditions in Montana and is pretty famous for the quality of the cooking by the volunteers. They offer spaghetti, salads, BBQ and desserts for anyone who is not partial to wild game. But, for those that want to experience great Elk cooking there is nothing like it.

This year our two chefs, Joe Brabender and Dave Croft are preparing over sixteen different types of Elk roasts. A few flavors include:

Blue Cheese Rolled Elk Roast
Toasted Garlic Horse Radish Rolled Elk Roast
Mango Curry Rolled Elk Roast
Ratatouille w/mushroom Rolled Elk Roast
Red Chili Teriyaki Rolled Elk Roast
Maple Chipotle Rolled Elk Roast

The event begins at 5pm in the new fire hall in Philipsburg, there will be plenty of signs pointing you in the right direction. All proceeds will go to the Philipsburg fire equipment account. If you have any questions about the event you're encouraged to call Jim Jenner at 531-2203.

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