This is a simple idea but turns out really nice. If you are looking for a way to plant outside but want it lifted and can't afford to grab planter boxes this way is fail proof to work and looks great! 

For me a couple old small bookcase's I have in storage will provide a great garden box. As you see any old bookcase or shelving type deal will work. It's important to remember your plants need to be able to drain properly so drilling a couple holes in the back is a good idea and some can even have the back removed. If you don't have a back remember weeds can also grow easier and maybe some sort of protection would be good below.

The pictures tell it all, just fill your rows up with soil and plant! If you live in an area where deer are ( which is most places here) then putting up a screen or fence is a great idea, most important for those doing these with growing vegetables.

Photo courtesy of Dana Wheeler
Photo courtesy of Dana Wheeler

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