This past Tuesday was unloading day for the animals being shown at the Western Montana Fair in Missoula. Unfortunately, when Emma Stensrud's pig, Miley got out of the trailer, she fell and in the process broke her hip. Miley was later hauled off to the locker and Emma was unable to show in her market class. Ethan Stensrud, Emma's brother,  asked if he could do something at the sale to help her out. With the help of their father Kyle they spoke with the sale committee and they said yes he could and they would have the auctioneer Bo Carpenter make that announcement.

On Saturday during the sale, Ethan came in and Bo the auctioneer made the announcement Ethan was going to help his sister with some of the proceeds from his pig. It was well received by the buyers. About 4 bids in Karl Tyler from Karl Tyler Chevrolet came up the sale ring and told one of the ring men that he would match whatever Ethan got for his pig to Emma. The bidding increased to a rapid pace until it came down to two potential buyers. Missoula KOA and Danny Blowers Insurance. Missoula KOA finally sealed the winning bid.

There were so many bidders early on, it was hard to keep track of who had the bid. This is a great example of how the community came together to help a kid that just had some bad luck.


    Big Sky View of Missoula

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