When's the last time you remember a drive-in movie theater being part of your conversation? Well, I'm talking about before the pandemic hit. With COVID-19 closing movie theaters across the country, there's been a bit of a nostalgic resurgence when it comes to drive-ins. Schools have used them for graduation ceremonies, artists have used them for performances, and those missing the movie theater experience have taken to their vehicles to catch a show.

You may have heard about the Garth Brooks concert that will play at drive-in theaters across the country at the end of the month. In typical Garth fashion it will be huge and play at over 300 drive-in locations for the one-night-only event! The first thing I did when news of the show broke - was jump online and see where the nearest showing was. There really wasn't anything close. But news today is that the Pharaohplex Cinemas in Hamilton will carry the Garth show at their new drive-in theater on June 27th! This will actually be the first showing on the new screen. Regular movies are scheduled to begin on June 29th.

You can purchase tickets for the Garth Brooks event beginning at 10 AM this Friday (6/19.) The price might look a bit shocking when you see it's $100 per vehicle - but if you break that down for a carload of people - it's not that expensive.......plus, it's a pretty exclusive event!

The details from the show with Encore Live are HERE.
Visit Pharaohplex Cinemas online HERE.
Get tickets for Garth Brooks Drive-In Experience tickets HERE.


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