If you’ve never been to River Junction Fishing Access on the Blackfoot River you’re missing a real gem. It’s up near Ovando where two forks of the Blackfoot come together. The water is clear and cold and there’s always a cool breeze blowing up the river. Now you do have to endure a gravel road that can get rutted, but the drive is worth it. Sometime this summer take the family up there.

But not next week. Crews will be working on the road. They’re putting in a new culvert to improve trout migration up Pearson Creek.  The road will be closed June 11-June 13.

One other thing, it’s a great float from River Junction down to Scotty Brown Bridge. Good fishing and scenery. But forget a float from above River Junction. Tried that…once. Lots of log jams and portaging, no fun! And besides that I lost a real good pair of sunglasses.

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