At around 10:30 a.m. on Friday, employees from Daily Meats located at 2900 Mullan Road called 911 and reported shots fired. While on the phone with 911, the caller reported that two males, located approximately 75 to 100 yards east of the Reserve Street Bridge, were continuing to shoot at him and his co-worker. According to Police Public Information Officer Lydia Arnold, multiple law enforcement officers were dispatched to the location.

“Officers had responded to the area of Daily Meats after receiving numerous reports about people shooting at employees from the Reserve Street camp,” Arnold said. “Thankfully, no person received any physical injuries from the incident. Officers and detectives were able to make two arrests, Timothy Clark and David Alexander. While they were on scene, they collected evidence, spoke to victims, and conducted additional interviews. This is still an ongoing investigation.”

The employee who called 911 said that at least two males at a campsite across the river had repeatedly fired a rifle-shaped object at him and his co-worker. The employees estimated that at least a dozen rounds were fired at them.

Responding officers met near the Reserve Street Bridge to the west of the suspect campsite and two search teams were formed. During the search, an officer encountered a male later identified as 61-year-old Timothy Clark. Officers detained and handcuffed Clark. Later while being detained, an officer heard Clark make a statement to the effect of, “We were just shooting the rifle into the river.”

While officers were placing Clark in handcuffs, an officer observed another male walking nearby through the grass. They yelled at the male to stop walking and show his hands, but the male refused. The male became verbally argumentative with the officers but finally complied with their commands. However, he refused to provide his name to the officers. The second male was eventually identified as 41-year-old David Alexander.

Toward the end of the search, an officer located a rifle with an attached scope and a pistol near the river about 10 feet from the campsite. The pistol was identified as a silver and black air soft pistol manufactured to look like a Beretta 92F pistol. The rifle was identified as a black pellet rifle.

Clark and Alexander were both charged with two counts of felony assault with a weapon. Alexander was also charged with obstructing a peace officer.

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