I feel like this would be one of those times when you would curse the fact that the internet even exists. Back in the day, you could do something unfortunate and the whole world wouldn't instantly know about it. And one truck driver in Montana is probably wishing that was still the way of the world.

Nope, that ain't good!

An accident in Great Falls had traffic messed up today when a hay hauler couldn't quite fit underneath a railroad overpass. Oh man, that has to be the worst feeling in the world. There's no hiding the fact that you goofed it on that one! It makes me sweat just thinking about how bad I would feel after ruining everyone's commute and being the reason for all the chaos.

Everybody's a critic.

My favorite part of the story - like usual - is the comments that people have left on the Facebook post that was sent out by the police department.

“I was delivering this overpass & my tires just swelled right up on me” “Here’s your sign”

Somebody call Shaqs wife. I'm sure she knows how to get it unstuck!

Darwin is checking in!

A little common sense would have helped in this situation.

Haha! Everybody always has to chime in with their two cents! The whole incident made me think of the YouTube videos that feature people crashing at a certain bridge? Have you ever seen them? Basically, it's a bridge that people are always hitting because they don't realize their delivery truck, RV, and other vehicles are to tall for the height restrictions. Because it was happening so often, someone set up cameras to catch all the action. And the videos are tough to stop watching because you just want to see who will be the next person to have their roof ripped off as they pass through! Check out some of the unfortunate results in the video below.

It's all fun and games to laugh at the misfortune of others. Just make sure that when you're driving anything taller than your standard car or truck - you know how tall your vehicle is!

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