It's been a bit of an adventure for AMC Theaters as they try to reopen their locations that have been closed because of COVID-19. Earlier this month there was a story about how the theater chain may not survive the pandemic at all. Even with reopening, the attendance restrictions and lack of new releases are going to hurt theaters as they try to recover from the financial damages they've suffered. Earlier this month, AMC announced that it would begin reopening locations on July 15 and face masks would be optional but not enforced. That didn't sit well with the internet. Negative comments and even calls to boycott made AMC immediately change their plans and announce that face masks would indeed be required. The latest announcement from AMC is that they're pushing back their scheduled reopening date by two weeks, now set for July 30.

When closures were announced in March they were originally projected between six and twelve weeks. If AMC can stick to the newly projected opening date it'll be closer to twenty weeks since movie-goers will have been able to see a show.

What's the reason for the delay? AMC was hoping to reopen in time for a couple new releases, Mulan and Tenet, to hit theaters in July. But, announcements last week have postponed the anticipated films until August.

There's been a surge of coronavirus cases across the country lately. With many places reporting record numbers it probably doesn't hurt that we won't be showing films in close quarters for a few additional weeks.

Until we have theaters reopen and blockbusters begin to be shown again, there are still a couple ways to scratch your movie itch in Missoula. You can rent a theater room  for private showings at The Roxy and you can watch movies on the field at Ogren Park with Centerfield Cinema every Thursday night through the summer.


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