I always enjoyed my Uncle Decker. He was a man of few words at times and a man of many at others. He went to be with the Lord while I was on my trip to New Mexico.

I have had my Aunt and Uncle both on the show before. It was nice to have some of that audio to listen back to. Below you will find one of my favorite things my Uncle Decker made with his hands. He was a great wood worker... this ladies and gentlemen is the Cowboy Boot Saver. He tells you the story below and when you see the picture it can be self explanatory but he tells the story the best so listen up,

This was Uncle Decker's last ride in Santa Fe, NM. As you see he will be a missed man. Him and his wife were both long members of the community who were hard workers and great neighbors. They were married a long time, and were a great role model couple for long lasting love and what it takes to raise a real family.

He loved his cowboy hats and he looked so handsome in them. I enjoyed his stories and laugh. He had the best laugh, and would say " Hi Sunshine or Sug". My Grandma Dee, who was one of the best women and always had the best sense of great people, really enjoyed and cared for George Decker.

Charene Herrera tsm

His daughter had heard an owl hoot outside for her first time in real life just minutes before he passed. When I visited we painted and we named this little guy G-Dub for Uncle Decker who's real name is George Washington Decker and they would call him G-W which they morefed into G-Dub.

Charene Herrera TSM

Here is to remembering George W. Decker AKA G-Dub. Long live the Decker Boot Saver.