Al & I would like to thank Hellgate High School Senior Jayden Albert for joining us on the show this morning.  Jayden, for her Senior project, organized a Bowling Benefit Auction for her little sister last Sunday.  They did well.  But not quite well enough.You might remember a story in The Missoulian back in 2002 about Jayden's sister Maddy.  Maddy was born profoundly deaf in both ears but with the help of a Cochlear implant was able to hear for the first time.  Tom Bauer's photo was magic and went national in no time.

Maddy is now 13 and attends Washington Middle School.  She loves all things athletic.  She doesn't need surgery but she does need an update to the Nucleus Implant.  The cost is 10-thousand dollars.  Her sister raised 7-thousand dollars on Sunday.

You can help by making a donation.  Here's where to get the information on how you can help:

Jayden Albert: 406-552-9598

Brandy Bruch: 406-544-1884

Tracy Pressler: 406-544-9710

Here's a link to the original Missoulian story written by Ginny Merriam.