Ravalli County has reported considerably higher daily Positive Tests for COVID-19. Ravalli County Public Health Director Tiffany Webber reported a total of 137 new cases Saturday and Sunday, November 14 and November 15. Added to that, another 59 Positive Tests were reported Monday, November 16.

Currently, there are 326 confirmed active cases in the Bitterroot Valley. Health officials are continuing to urge everyone to limit your social contacts, continue the frequent hand-washing and proper use of face coverings. Stay home if you feel sick.

Health experts are emphasizing the importance of getting an annual flu shot, with older residents getting the higher level dosage flu shot. Besides the medical facilities, most pharmacies are providing flu shots.

Statewide, Monday's report from the Department of Public Health and Human Services listed 869 new positive tests, with over 20,000 active COVID-19 cases in Montana. Over 453 people are hospitalized. Ravalli County will not be reporting hospitalizations, letting the Montana daily updates handle those numbers. A main reason, Webber noted, is that local COVID-19 cases might be hospitalized outside the county.

Nationally, the Associated Press reports that two COVID-19 vaccines might be nearing the finish line, but scientists say it's critical that enough people volunteer to help finish studying other candidates. Moderna and competitor Pfizer recently announced preliminary results showing their vaccines appear to be strongly effective. More vaccine types will be needed to meet global demand. And different types may work better in different people, something only testing can tell.

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