While it's not exactly in our western Montana back yard, you're always on the lookout for summer day trip adventures, right?

Put on your best hiking shoes and load the bikes on the rack if you choose, as bicyclists and hikers will have a unique chance to walk across Cochrane Dam on the Missouri River. The special day is Saturday June 19 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

If we interpret the notice from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks correctly, if you are biking the area trail to and from the dam, you still have to hop off and walk when you are on the dam. The dam is normally closed to public access, but Northwestern Energy and Montana FWP are working together to provide this special opportunity to the public to experience the trails along the Missouri River in Great Falls.  Normally only available as an out and back hike/ride, opening the dam for public access on this day will allow trail users to make a loop and hike or ride both sides of the river on the same trip.

The River’s Edge Trail from the North Shore to the South Shore (or vice versa) can be used to reach Cochrane Dam, and once there, visitors may hike or walk their bike across the river on the dam. Giant Springs State Park staff or volunteers will be present on both sides of the dam to run the event, and signage will be out around the trails to help direct visitors.

This event is subject to change, but here's hoping you outdoor recreation fans will get a rare opportunity to cross the Missouri via a dam. For more information contact Giant Springs State Park at 406-727-1212.

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