Providence St. Patrick Hospital was recently chosen as one of the nation’s top cardiovascular hospitals by Fortune and IBM Watson Health.

KGVO spoke to Providence Missoula Chief Executive Joyce Dombrouski about the honor.

“For the 11th time, St. Patrick hospital was named one of the nation's top 50 cardiovascular hospitals by Fortune and IBM,” said Dombrouski. “That's a bit of a mouthful, but Fortune and IBM really are amalgamation and continue to take a look at a lot of publicly available data and then they provide the ranking and they bestow the award.”

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Dombrouski detailed some of the criteria used to choose the top cardiovascular hospitals.

“They do look at clinical outcomes,” she said. “Such as how well patients that we treated did? In other words, do they come get out of the hospital without any complications? They look at our operational efficiency, which really is the cost of the care they're providing, which is so important these days and has been forever that we look at our efficiencies, and so not only do we treat you well and get you better, but did we do it in a cost effective manner?”

Dombrouski said such an award won so often obviously points to a team effort by all hospital employees.

“It's surgeons, it's cardiologists with varying levels of specialty, it's advanced providers, it's registered nurses, it's the individuals who schedule you, it's the technicians who do some of the testing,” she said. “I don't want to leave anyone out because it is a team effort. Sometimes ‘team’ can be talked about in a casual way or in a way that isn't necessarily focused, but this group of individuals have formed and developed and work as teams from the vascular side to the cardiothoracic surgery side to the cardiology side.”

Due to COVID, Providence has been unable to host its immensely popular Rocky Mountain Valve Symposium, but Dombrouski said that will change this year.

“We do intend to provide a Rocky Symposium this July,” she said. “It'll look a little bit different, maybe a little smaller,” she said. “We've been in the planning stages and also we're really tracking the community (COVID) incidents and the data to make sure that we can provide it safely in this community. But our intention is to provide that symposium in July of 2022.”

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