Ahhhhh... Ahhhhhhhhh... Ahhhhhhhhh.

The sounds of popping a squat in a sauna and pure relaxation. It's a place of nirvana that I miss resting in plenty. A house I lived in in college had its own flipping sauna and I miss that thing like none other. As a college kid, we'd go out and smash far too many beers on a Saturday night. Sunday came around and the sauna would evaporate all the toxins out of my boozed-up body.


If you're like me you'll be ecstatic about a sauna business finding a permanent home in Missoula. Our own Ashley Warren wrote about Montana Sauna Co. moving into Missoula back in January. The Sauna group started by opening up some pop-up sauna locations. You can read the full details below.

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According to Montana Sauna Co.'s Instagram page, they found themselves a permanent home.


The sauna crew announced their permanent location will be at Western Cider. Don't think that I know anything about business acumen, but that's a great partnership. A sauna at beautiful Western Cider? Sign me up!

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This is a great debut video, too. They played to Missoula's top interest: Griz Football. The video featured a bunch of dudes from the Griz Football team. Among those, are talented linebacker Riley Wilson, Missoula native Ryan Tirrell, and Nebraska transfer Garrett Hustedt. The new guys are getting a taste of Missoula, too. Transfers Logan Fife, Kenzel Lawler and Kade Cutler joined in.

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Montana Sauna Co. stated they'll be open at their new location for two months before "building out this space to keep creating an accessible community gathering space for Missoula: Missoula's community Sauna Garden."

Hell yeah. Good vibes across the board.

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