It's always fun to follow the activity when it comes to the movin' and shakin' of Missoula businesses. And it's been a pretty busy couple of weeks with Jersey Mike's Subs opening on N. Reserve, a new Thai place called 'Rice' officially opening their Kent Plaza location just days ago, and the Mustard Seed opening the doors to their much anticipated new building at Southgate Mall. Now, there's another spot in Missoula that will no doubt have us all playing the guessing game as to what will become of the property once it's sold.

This looks like it would be an appealing spot to put a business.

I saw a social media post today that had details on a plot of land that is currently up for sale in Missoula. Picture in your mind that you left the airport, you're traveling on Broadway, and you're going to take the onramp to S. Reserve. The 2.78 acres of land is located right before you take that turn onto the onramp.

What would you like to see in that spot?

I'm no real estate developer but that looks like it would be a pretty good location. It's right off one of the main streets in town, it's close to Costco and other major retailers, it's not far from I-90, and the graphic shows that over 40,000 vehicles per day travel the two main roads where the property sits. We always hear a lot of the same things when it comes to what people want to see open up in Missoula. So could it be a Trader Joe's? Will we get an Olive Garden? Maybe it'll house multiple businesses as it looks like the listing says the property can be sub-divided.

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This is one we'll be keeping an eye on!

Stay tuned, we'll share the details as soon as we get word of what will be taking over that available plot of land. All we can do for now is watch and wait.

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