It's been a minute since we found out that the old Quizno's on N. Reserve would be going away. The store was closed for a bit, but it was late 2020/early 2021 and those were wild times, we just thought that's what stores did for a while as they tried to navigate the pandemic. But in the weeks that followed, we learned the closure would be permanent. We would also soon learn of a franchise making plans to open their first Missoula location in the old Quiznos spot. And here we are almost a year after those plans came to light, welcoming Jersey Mike's Subs to Missoula!

Photo: Scott Richman
Photo: Scott Richman

Open the doors, flip the sign, cut the ribbon.....

Yep, if you can believe it, back in March of 2021 was when we found out Jersey Mike's would be taking over the space next to Cold Stone. How time flies! I'm not real familiar with Jersey Mike's as I've never really lived close to one but I'm excited to check it out as the new store is now officially open in Missoula.

Take a peek at the Jersey Mike's website and you'll see what makes them a "sub above" includes:

  • fresh veggies,
  • leanest, tastiest cuts of meat
  • fine, aged cheeses
  • bread baked fresh in the store every day
  • "the juice" = a red wine vinegar and olive oil blend to give your sandwich that zing
Photo: Scott Richman
Photo: Scott Richman

This is a great way to make a first impression!

One thing that's really cool with the opening of Jersey Mike's is how they're helping raise money with the Sentinel High School athletic department. The store distributed 8,000 vouchers that promoted a $3 donation in exchange for a free regular sub. The offer is good through January 23rd so let's hope there are a lot of people that take advantage of it and raise a bunch of money for Sentinel.

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Love Jersey Mike's? Never been? You can stop by and check out Missoula's newest sandwich shop at 3275 N. Reserve St. Suite E. You can also use the Jersey Mike's app or Uber Eats if you want to have food delivered to you.

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