We hear a lot today about electric power, solar power, and wind power.

But you've never heard about "Peggy Power" until this week when you were listening to "Daybreak with Dennis".

And judging from what we saw, Peggy is just as reliable a source of renewable energy.

Peggy is the latest pooch to be featured on our "Take Me Home Tuesday" segment sponsored by Paul's Pancake Parlor.

And it was great fun deciding whether Allison Kadler of the Humane Society of Western Montana was bringing Peggy to the studio, or whether it was the other way around.

"She loves people," Kadler told us. "She's a strong, fit girl. She's a medium mix breed and she's very, very strong. She will pull you down the street. She can probably pull you on your skateboard. Hop on your bike, you don't even have to pedal. She will just pull you."

But for all our focus on her energy, Peggy was very well-behaved and patient during the interview.

"She's about 10 months old, so she's an older puppy. She's so sweet. She loves people. She is also very dog social. So if you have another dog at home, dog friends, dog cousins, she'd be a great fit for your family."

Peggy also had wonderful brindle markings and a permanent smile.

If you can Peggy a home, or any of the other wonderful dogs and cats available right now, be sure to visit the Humane Society's Shelter on Highway 93, just south of Blue Mountain Road.

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