Missoula Police were called to intervene in a case involving partner assault and assault on a minor on Wednesday night. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

"Officers responded to a 911 call from a neighbor in the 2100 block of Garfield Street about a disturbance happening next door," Welsh said. "The officers arrived, spoke with the complainant, determined which residence the disturbance was coming from and made contact with the family. They learned that there had been a discussion that turned in to an argument that escalated into a physical altercation."

The argument began over a sensitive topic, apparently three children, all under 12, were in the home at the time. The suspect, 40-year-old Joel Kambale was arrested at the scene.

"It appears there was a discussion initially about the possibility of infidelity," Welsh said. "Mr. Kambale is alleged to have struck his wife multiple times about the head and back and then at one point slapped one of his children across the face. It appears that there were three children in the home and the victim child was the oldest."

Kambale is facing a misdemeanor charge for partner or family member assault, and a felony charge of assault on a minor for hitting the child.

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