There's a lot of effort that goes into attending an event. Let's say it was a simple night of entertainment as you watch a couple dueling pianos. You have to find someone to watch the kids for the night, take a shower, find the right outfit, maybe grab a bite before hitting the door, find a parking spot once you get there, etc. Now, picture that same dueling piano performance - but from the comfort of your own couch without any preparation!

A great night of music and fun is planned to help raise funds for our local Ronald McDonald House. And because 2020 is the year of COVID-19 and no live events - it will be a virtual performance and fundraiser on September 18th. But.....remember all that stuff you don't have to do before leaving the house? Yep, totally worth it. Kick back at home, be entertained, and make a donation to a great organization.

It wasn't the RMHC of Western Montana, but I've visited one of the RMHC houses before and the work they do is pretty amazing. Learn more about our local one HERE.

Here's all the info for the Piano Palooza event from the event page on Facebook:

Help Keep Families Close Virtually From Your Home ... and Heart.

This year's event is going to be like no other, but our mission of providing a safe, healthy and supportive environment, where families with sick children can fight illness together, remains the same.

RMHC of Western Montana is pleased to announce our inaugural Piano Palooza: A Night of Dueling Pianos for RMHC. On September 18th, friends of the Ronald McDonald House from across the state and beyond will come together for a virtual experience to support keeping families with sick children close to the care and resources they need when it matters most.

Piano Palooza: A Night of Dueling Pianos for RMHC
Friday, September 18, 2020 7:00 pm
Virtually Anywhere!

Visit the event website to learn more:

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