Baseball is finally back in Missoula! The Missoula PaddleHeads have been the PaddleHeads for a while now - but they had never played a game with the new name and new look until Saturday night. They changed from the Osprey to the PaddleHeads, but after all the rebranding efforts they ended up having to cancel the baseball season last summer because of COVID. But after 616 days without baseball, the PaddleHeads finally took the field on Saturday.....and scored a win in their debut.

We were looking for some fun over the weekend and Saturday's sunshine tricked us into going to the game for some family fun. The weather started to change as the game got closer and it wasn't long before the wind and rain had my kiddos begging to head to the exits. We made it through two innings before we decided to throw in the towel. Actually, I wish we really did have a towel.....that would have come in handy at the moment.

Saturday's weather was just a sample of what was to come on Sunday as it turned out to be a dreary and rainy day. They actually canceled Sunday's PaddleHeads' game and they'll instead play a doubleheader tonight. A little bonus baseball is always good - but here's even better news - tickets are just $1 and you get both games!

Tonight was already scheduled to be Community Night at Ogren Park. As a way to honor the community for battling through the craziness of 2020, admission was just $1. But now with the doubleheader, the $1 ticket gets you in and you can check out both games! Doors open at 5 PM and the first game starts at 6 PM.

Technically, the PaddleHeads can still pull off and undefeated if you went tonight you could be witnessing a piece of history. 😀 You can get tickets HERE.

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