With the extreme heat we have been having the past few weeks everyone is visiting the rivers or going to a lake to cool down. When you're going to play around in the water here in Western Montana there are somethings that are a necessity, such as shorts, sun block, and for me it's my black ring.

The reason that Savannah and I decided to get these rings are because we love to travel and the last thing we want is to lose our actual wedding rings when traveling or going on excursions. But the same is true when we are hitting the rivers and lakes around Montana. Obviously, her ring was more expensive than mine but I would still be very unhappy if I lost my ring.

I will admit it was Savannah who came up with the idea and even found the rubber rings online, but for less than $40 for us both to have piece of mind knowing that we won't be losing our wedding rings. It was a very good idea and I would highly suggest getting these rings so you don't lose one of the most valuable things you carry with you each and every day.


    Montana River Snorkeling

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