This weekend my wife Savannah and I had the same goals, work around the house a little, but more importantly relax. We have been so busy the past few weekends we just wanted to kick back, and not be in such a big hurry to accomplish things. So, on Saturday we sat back on the couch and while working on laundry we tried out a new board game. The game is called 'Oh Gnome You Don't'.

The game was simple, you are a gnome traveling around the board in an attempt to collect more gems than any other gnome, whoever had the most at the end wins. The odd thing about this game is that you could play different cards to make the game more challenging to your opponents. It got interesting seeing as how it was just the two of us so we had to play evil cards against each other. Long story short, she won, and I will never play that game again. Hahaha.

In all honesty is was fun to try something new. I highly suggest trying out a new board game, you never know, you mind find a new favorite.

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