I’m not a huge fan of the Olympics. My least favorite of the two is the winter Olympics, mostly because I don’t enjoy winter and have never enjoyed winter sports, therefore I have a hard time really getting into the sports. I’m not sure how many different possible ski events there can be, but if there is or ever has been an event that involved skiing, it’s in the winter Olympics.

Probably the thing I dislike the most about the Olympics is that it always makes me cry. When I see the American flag raised and the national anthem playing I just can’t help it. See an athlete representing the greatest county in the World, living his dream that he worked so hard to accomplish and crying, just gets me every time. I hate that and I love it too.

I hate and love that. I hate feeling weak like I can’t control my emotions, especially over something I’m watching on TV. It’s not like I just broke my leg or whacked my thumb with a hammer. When I ran across this commercial recently I both loved it and hated it. It is the best Olympic or athlete commercial I’ve ever seen and the only commercial that has ever made me cry.

I dare you to watch it and not cry.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of the University of Montana, animal lover and writer.