Despite a state of emergency in Japan and a lot of restrictions in place, the Olympics are finally getting ready to kick off in Tokyo this week. And when they do, they'll have a couple people from Montana there for us to root for.

And if you want to learn more about the history of the Olympics, then you definitely shouldn't pass up this new exhibit at the Montana Museum of Art and Culture in Missoula. The exhibit features a wide variety of posters representing different Olympic games, and the goal is to educate people about the different social movements that were surrounding each set of Olympic games.

And that really is some of the most interesting stuff surrounding any kind of long-running event like the Olympics - to understand their significance to the fullest, you need to learn about how they reacted to the history of the day. A couple of notable Olympics covered in this exhibit are the Berlin Olympics in 1936, pre-World War II and held with Hitler in attendance, and the Moscow Olympics in 1980, which the United States boycotted in protest of the Soviet-Afghan War. The exhibit also has a replica podium for kids to take their picture on, as if they just won the gold.

To learn more about the exhibit and everything else going on at the Montana Museum of Art and Culture, you can check out their website right here.

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