Could you tell me off the top of your head how many gold medals Michael Phelps has won over the course of his career? Can you rattle off where every Olympics ceremony has taken place in your lifetime? Have you watched the movie Miracle a million times and know every intimate detail about the US-Russia hockey match of 1980?

Well hey, here's an even in Missoula that is pretty much tailor-made for you!

Get Ready to Test Your Knowledge With Olympics Trivia

Stave & Hoop in Missoula is teaming up with Glacier Ice Rink and the Missoula Figure Skating Club to bring you an Olympic-themed trivia night this Friday, February 4th.

(Sidenote: this Friday ALSO happens to be the opening ceremonies of the 2022 Winter Olympics!)

If you think you have what it takes, get a team together or play solo and face off against other fellow Olympic fans - or Olympfans, as they are known in official circles (by which I mean, I just named them that).

There will be prizes for the top three teams that includes gift cards and swag, but I especially like this rule they've added for anybody looking to cheat their way to victory. Anybody caught on their cell phone looking stuff up with be forced to provide a round of "penalty shots" for all the players! Suddenly, the stakes have never been higher!

I love hanging out at bar trivia, but I'll be honest, Olympic knowledge isn't exactly my niche. Stave & Hoop, this is my formal request for the following trivia nights: The Simpsons, '90s Punk and Ska Bands, Pizza, Obscure Comedies Starring SNL Alumni.

Just throwing some ideas out there! You can check out all the details about Olympic trivia at their Facebook event page.

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