I made some delicious lemon butter chicken, broccoli and mushrooms last night and doused the thing in Old Bay, forgot how much I love this seasoning.

So I know there are a lot of seasonings out there and so with the fact Old Bay is bomb I was curious what is your favorite spice or seasoning for meat mainly but even those that go good on everything!

I have to admit though my all time fav that works well on everything ( because Old Bay is really for seafood or chicken only) is Janes Krazy Seasonings. If you have not tried that it is a must. I eat it straight sometimes or on salads for sure. One of my FB friends mentioned a Montana company called Montana Redneck Sauce Company. Are there any local spices here? Also another one that was added to the list is Tony Chachere’s which is a cajun seasoning but works well in lots of recipes.


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