Things have been a little up in the air when it comes to Fourth of July celebrations this weekend, and it's a little tough to keep track of what's going on, what's cancelled, what's continuing but without a crowd, etc. So it's good to hear that an annual Missoula tradition is still happening, with new social distancing rules in place.

I've been heading to Ogren Park over the last few weeks every Thursday for Centerfield Cinema, where they've teamed up with The Roxy to show a different movie every week this summer on the scoreboard. It looks like they've taken some ideas from that, because they're planning to do a movie screening along with the fireworks.

Basically, here's how it'll go - they've got their Friday Happy Hour scheduled for 6:00 to 7:30. Then, at 8:00, they'll play the original Shrek on the big screen, perfect for the families that are sure to be there. And then after the movie, it'll be fireworks time.

There are five ticketing options to choose from, including on the field in socially-distanced pods, reserved seating bowl tickets, the VIP Fire Pit area, or an exclusive Dugout Experience for up to ten people. Details on pricing and the link to buy tickets can be found at their website.

If you've got the "Ogres are like onions" speech memorized and you've been waiting for the opportunity to show it off to your friends and family, this seems like the place to be. Will you be checking this out?

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