She doesn't have her own legendary sitcom, yet. And she can't say "vegavetmitmin", or hide chocolates in her mouth.

But Lucille Ball, the latest dog up for adoption at the Humane Society of Western Montana shelter in Missoula could certainly bring a lot of fun and energy into your home.

Lucille Ball, who likely got her name from the shelter staff because of her vibrant red coat, was the featured pooch on "Take Me Home Tuesday" on KYSS' Daybreak with Dennis show this week.

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"She's an excited girl," Allison Kadler of the shelter explained. "She's eight months old, she's a beautiful kind of red copper color. She's a medium mixed breed."

"She's amazing. She's so sweet, but she's definitely got that puppy energy and could use a little bit of training, probably," Allison added as she kept a firm grip on Lucille's leash.

She might not be able to sing or dance, or yell "Ricky" at the top of her lungs, but Allison says she'd be a perfect trail dog. In fact, she probably has the energy to pull you UP hill, especially if you love to cross-country ski.

Allison added that Lucille is very "food motivated", which made me realize I had something in common with this beautiful dog.

"She's good with dogs," Allison explained. "She just doesn't like cats. Yeah, not a cat girl."

Lucille is up for adoption right now at the Humane Society's shelter just south of Blue Mountain Road on Highway 93. You can always call 406-549-3934 for more information.

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