I've made it out to a ton of Trivia Tuesdays at Ogren Park this summer, and came close to winning on certain nights, when it was themed after TV sitcoms or Star Wars. Other nights, I thought we'd do really well, but we were outmatched, like on '90s Trivia or Harry Potter trivia. (We did win best team name during Disney Trivia though, for "No One Does Trivia Like Gaston!")

The point it, Trivia Tuesdays at Ogren Park have been a reliable source of fun and entertainment this summer when those things were in short supply for most places. But as the weather is starting to get colder, it only makes sense that trivia in a huge outdoor space would have to shut down at some point.

So, at this week's trivia, they announced that this coming Tuesday, September 29th, would be the last Trivia Tuesday of the season (though they also implied that it was such a huge success that they're gonna try to do it next year too, working around the Paddleheads baseball schedule!). And because it's the last one, they've got to go all out. That's why this week is EXTREME TRIVIA.

What makes trivia extreme, you ask? They're upping the difficulty level, and it sounds like they're drawing from categories they've been doing all summer long. Are you ready for the challenge?

Trivia Tuesday is free to check out for general admission; if you want the fire pit experience, that'll cost $40, and you can buy tickets for that right here.

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