Our outstanding UM Griz football defensive back Trevin Gradney is looking handsome in his new accomplishment-boasting apparel.

But you definitely don't need to be a super athlete to hike one of the most popular trails in Montana. And because it is so popular and receives a tremendous amount of pressure, the University of Montana has developed a new student initiative that is part of a fundraising campaign aimed at generating essential funds to support the trail’s ongoing maintenance and preservation.

UM News Service tells us that hikers reaching the M will now encounter signs showcasing the new "I Hiked the M" logo and a QR code. By scanning the code, visitors can access a dedicated landing page created in partnership with Wear Your Roots, an official collegiate licenser.

The page features a range of branded merchandise, starting with high-quality T-shirts. A portion of the sales from these items will benefit the trail’s maintenance fund, with additional products to be introduced over time.

University of Montana
Image courtesy of UM News Service, Coral Scoles-Coburn/University o


The current concrete M, installed in 1968, measures 125 feet long and 100 feet high, making it one of Missoula's most prominent feature. The steep three-fourths-mile hike to the M attracts over 1,000 hikers daily. The trail cuts through beautiful native prairie plants and Mount Sentinel is home to an assortment of wildlife.

However, the heavy use of the trail leads to constant erosion issues, making maintenance a critical need. The University urges hikers to stay on well-established trails to help mitigate erosion. And, thanks to grants and donations, $25,000 worth of trail repairs have been completed so far this year.

University of Montana
Image courtesy of University of Montana


If you would like to find out more about M Trail fundraising efforts, and get decked out in some new clothing, check out the M Trail website.

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