This past weekend I had to get a new cell phone. I knew this time was coming as I had my old phone for about 3 years, and normally you have to replace your phone long before that. Because I knew the time was coming, I had already been looking for the phone I would like to purchase: the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, the best cell phone on the market right now. It's got all the bells and whistles.

Yes, I did get the new phone and I am really excited to learn all the new features that it has. Although I did quickly realize as I was in the cell phone store, that this new phone cost more than any laptop I have ever purchased. I do realize that having an upgraded phone will help me in my job and just having fun, but it's just amazing how expensive they are now. I remember when companies would try to get you to sign up for contracts with phones for just one penny. Just another reminder that times have changed, and life is getting more expensive. But at least I have a new phone. :)

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